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Woodland Study No
Woodland Study No
Woodland Study N0
Woodland Study 16 Oil on paper Oct 18 20
Woodland Study 12 Oct18 Oil on paper 20x
Woodland Study No
Woodland Study No
Woodland Study 14 Oct 18 Oil on paper 20
Coed Dyrusiog 2 Oilon paper Sept 18 20x2
Coed Dyrusiog 3 Sept 18 Guache on paper
Trallong No.5 Sept 2017 oil_canvas. 20cm x 20cm
Glyn Tarrell No.4 March 2017. 20cm x 20cm oil on Arches Huile

As a painter Michael Howard regards himself as a kind of filter or interpreter of the world around him. His Landscapes often focus on the presence of human activity, walls, tracks, hedgerows, rural industry, farming and other traces that define and shape the hills and mountains that surround his home near Brecon in Powys. These paintings reflect the point where memory, experience and imagination converge. Observing the natural abstract qualities in nature, Michael’s paintings demonstrate a deep sense of familiarity with the landscape, however maximum resemblance holds little interest for him and his paintings reveal themselves slowly and continually.  His work combines painterly abstract values with radical ideas about the landscape. They are topographically faithful, but they are much more about the speed of gesture, the application of materials, colour selection, confident mark making and the struggle to resolve the visual issues and problems that are a constant companion of the creative process. In short his artwork is primarily about pure painting.

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